Every Song by Twenty One Pilots Ranked From Worst to Best

With the release of their most recent LP “Trench” last October, American duo Twenty One Pilots have continued to take the world by storm after their 2015 effort “Blurryface”. The group has certainly changed elements to their sound over the years, from the obvious electronic style on their 2011 release “Regional at Best,” and 2013’s “Vessel,” to the more drum and bass heavy tracks on 2015’s “Blurryface” and last year’s “Trench”. Twenty One Pilots have the unique ability to seamlessly blend so many genres (making it hard to pinpoint them to a single one), without making it seem forced and unnatural. With such a varied sound and style, the duo obviously have many songs that stand out from the rest, and as a massive fan of the group (I’m seeing them live next month), I’ve decided to take it upon myself to rank every song by Twenty One Pilots from worst to best.

Before the list starts, I’d like to mention that since many of the tracks from “Regional at Best” were later remastered and re-released on “Vessel,” I will only include each track once. So for songs like “Guns for Hands” and “Trees,” I will be using the “Vessel” version since I believe that’s how the duo would like them to sound. However, I will be using the “Regional at Best” versions of “Lovely,” “Kitchen Sink,” “Forest,” and “Glowing Eyes,” because the remastered versions are only on the UK special edition of “Vessel,” and to me, they are “RAB” tracks. With that being said, here’s every song by Twenty One Pilots from worst to best.

64. Before You Start Your Day

Twenty One Pilots [2009]
“Look in the mirror and ask your soul if you’re alright, put on the glitter that your soul hides behind.”

This song is kind of boring, cheesy and the lyrical content makes me slightly uncomfortable. Note that this is the only song from the duo that I actually dislike, so it’s all up from here.

63. Fairly Local

Blurryface [2015]
“Tomorrow I’ll keep a beat, and repeat yesterday’s dance.”

“Fairly Local” is captivating enough upon first listen, but the repetitive chorus and dark vibe throughout makes it slightly tedious upon consecutive listens.

62. Oh, Ms. Believer

Twenty One Pilots [2009]
“Oh, Ms Believer, my pretty weeper. Your twisted thoughts are like snow on the rooftops.”

“Oh, Ms Believer” is a sweet sentimental song, but the use of the cascabel, more commonly known as the jingle bells make it a song that you have to be in the mood for, to listen to.

61. Implicit Demand For Proof

Twenty One Pilots [2009]
“I mean no disrespect, I am simply very perplexed by your ways.”

The song that started it all. The group’s self-titled debut’s opening track begins with a calm piano melody that soon twists into a more traditional Twenty One Pilots song.

60. Polarize

Blurryface [2015]
“Polarize is taking your disguises, separating em, splitting em up from wrong and right. It’s deciding where to die and deciding where to fight.”

“Help me polarize, help me polarize, help me down.” This track is easy to sing along to, and a clear representation of what “Blurryface” is all about.

59. Friend, Please

Twenty One Pilots [2009]
“Friend, please remove your hands from over your eyes for me. I know you want to leave, but friend, please don’t take your life away from me.”

This tune from the band’s first record, is a sweet tune dedicated to a friend of front-man Tyler Joseph. The track’s message is that this suicidal man’s life, is definitely worth living.

58. Doubt

Blurryface [2015]
“Gnawing on the bishops, claw our way up their system. Repeating simple phrases, someone holy insisted.”

An overall good track with deep, raw lyrics and a catchy chorus that’ll stick in your head for days. “Don’t forget abou-bou-bou-bou-bout me!”

57. Leave The City

Trench [2018]
“It’s only time before they show me why no one ever comes back with details from beyond.”

The closer to Trench is a fantastic closer to the album, however it’s not nearly as memorable as a standalone track.

56. House of Gold

Vessel [2013]
“She asked me, ‘Son, when I grow old, will you buy me a house of gold? And when your father turns to stone, will you take care of me?'”

“House of Gold” is the first break the listener receives from the non-stop adrenaline rush on “Vessel”. As much as I love the song and what it represents, the track grows old a bit fast upon repeated listens.

55. The Pantaloon

Twenty One Pilots [2009]
“A moth ate through your favourite shirt, and all your friends fertilise the ground you walk.”

While it would certainly leave you with an odd feeling if it were your first introduction to the duo, “The Pantaloon” is actually a much more serious and emotional song than you would think.

54. Tear In My Heart

Blurryface [2015]
“The songs on the radio are okay. But my taste in music is your face.”

“Tear In My Heart” is a rare example of a Twenty One Pilots love song. It’s a catchy, fun and upbeat tune that showcases the talent in Joseph’s songwriting.

53. Pet Cheetah

Trench [2018]
“Now my pet cheetah’s quicker in the studio than on his feet.”

Whilst initially despising this song, my opinion on the track has changed significantly and I actually find it very enjoyable now.

52. Ruby

Regional at Best [2011]
“You’re an angel fallen down. Won’t you tell us of the clouds?”

“Ruby” is a beautiful song that Joseph had written for a young girl with down syndrome that attends the same church as him.

51. A Car, A Torch, A Death

Twenty One Pilots [2009]
“The air begins to feel a little thin, as I start the car and then I begin to add the miles piled up behind me, I barely feel a smile deep inside me.”

This is a great track that goes for simplistic production to put more emphasis on the lyrical content.

50. Slowtown

Regional at Best [2011]
“So bold and fearless in the risks we’d take, laugh in the face of gravity as its laws we’d break. On trampolines so high we reach for the sky, but I do not look up anymore and I don’t know why.”

“Slowtown” is a fun track detailing the narrator’s boredom with the routine of adult life, a theme which would be re-used in “Stressed Out” 4 years later.

49. Goner

Blurryface [2015]
“Though I’m weak and beaten down, I’ll slip away into this sound.”

The closer to “Blurryface” is a raw, emotional track which acts as the “end” of the narrator’s story, yet also brings the album full circle.

48. Johnny Boy

Twenty One Pilots [2009]
“He never really told a lie, but this time he decides that it’s alright.”

“Johnny Boy” follows a similar theme to “Friend, Please,” where the titular character feels as if he’s being overwhelmed by the constant anxiety and stresses the world pushes onto him.

47. Screen

Vessel [2013]
“While you’re doing fine, there’s some people and I, who have a really tough time getting through this life so excuse us while we sing to the sky.”

“Screen” begins with a beautiful piano melody, which is soon joined by Josh Dun’s drums and Joseph’s spectacular lyrics. This song used to be a favourite of mine, but as the hook is rather repetitive, the shine has worn off slightly over time.

46. We Don’t Believe What’s On TV

Blurryface [2015]
“I used to say I wanna die before I’m old, but because of you I might think twice.”

A frantic, up-tempo, pop track that’s definitely a fun listen, even if the ukulele instrumental has been overused in various adverts and events.

45. Smithereens

Trench [2018]
“For you, I would get beat to smithereens.”

This is “Trench’s” answer to “Tear In My Heart”. Written as a love song to his wife, Tyler states that he’d “step to a dude much bigger than him” for her.

44. Forest

Regional at Best [2011]
“I don’t wanna be heard, I wanna be listened to. Does it bother anyone else that someone else has your name?”

This sweet song is about conquering your inner demons through music and community, and is a song that the duo play live quite often.

43. Isle of Flightless Birds

Twenty One Pilots [2009]
“I am cold, can you hear? I will fly with no hope, no fear and the ground taunts my wings. Plummet as I sing.”

The beat and synths in this song create such a fun, bouncy feel that is instantly likeable.

42. The Run and Go

Vessel [2013]
“You’ll have to watch me struggle from several rooms away. But tonight I’ll need you to stay.”

The opposite to a few of the songs earlier in the list, this is a song that has actually grown on me significantly over time. “The Run and Go” features arguably Twenty One Pilot’s most catchy hooks ever. “Do-do, do-do, do-do-do-do!”

41. The Hype

Trench [2018]
“I’ve got to step through or I’ll dissipate. I’ll record my step through for my basement tapes.”

“The Hype” is a sing-along anthem that feels like a cross between Twenty One Pilots and Oasis.

40. Heavydirtysoul

Blurryface [2015]
“Death inspires me like a dog inspires a rabbit.”

The opening track to “Blurryface” is an electrifying, up-tempo track that’s loads of fun to sing, and rap along to.

39. Anathema

Regional at Best [2011]
“Haven’t you taken enough from me? Won’t you torture someone else’s sleep?”

The song begins with a subdued keyboard, and a relaxed vibe, but as the track progresses the momentum continues to build until the song explodes during the climax.

38. Lovely

Regional at Best [2011]
“Sending signals and red flags in waves, It’s hard to tell the difference between blood and water these days.”

This track is one of the duo’s most electronic heavy songs to date. From the synths driving the verse, to the vocoder on Joseph’s voice in the chorus, the track is always busy and grasps your attention.

37. Air Catcher

Twenty One Pilots [2009]
“‘Cause I’m not sure I want to give you tools that can destroy my heart.”

“Air Catcher” is a rocky song (for Twenty One Pilots) that focuses heavily on themes of attraction, temptation and heartbreak.

36. Semi-Automatic

Vessel [2013]
“The horrors of the night melt away, under the warm glow of survival of the day. Then we move on, my shadow grows taller along with my fears, and my frame shrinks smaller as night grows near.”

A catchy synth-pop tune, detailing Joseph’s (unofficial) split personality and how a part of himself is running on “automatic”.

35. The Judge

Blurryface [2015]
“Three lights are lit but the fourth one’s out. I can tell cause it’s a bit darker than the last night’s bout. I forgot about the drought
of light bulbs in this house, so I head out, down a route i think is heading South.”

While definitely a feel-good track, fantastic for live shows, the song also displays the religious musings of Joseph.

34. Be Concerned

Regional at Best [2011]
“Clearly I am dying, dearly I am writing, merely testifying that a test to fly, requires I pass the test with colours flying.”

“Be Concerned” is a slow, melancholic track that is self-reflective upon the narrators anxiety and doubts of his religion.

33. Stressed Out

Blurryface [2015]
“But it would remind us of when nothing really mattered. Out of student loans and tree house homes, we all would take the latter.”

“Stressed Out” is the track that launched Twenty One Pilots into the mainstream. A song where the narrator reflects on his life choices and recalls his childhood memories.

32. Heathens

Suicide Squad: The Album [2016]
“Just because we check the guns at the door, doesn’t mean our brains will change from hand grenades. You’re lovin’ on the psychopath sitting next to you.”

The song that the duo had written to be included on the soundtrack for the movie “Suicide Squad,” is a groovy, bass heavy tune that was arguably as popular as “Stressed Out” upon release.

31. Fake You Out

Vessel [2013]
“Before you walk away, there’s one more thing I want to say. Our brains are sick but that’s okay.”

The surrounding theme of “Fake you Out” is that of Tyler’s belief that he is actually a bad person and is “faking us out” by putting on the facade of pretending to be a different person.

30. Fall Away

Twenty One Pilots [2009]
“Every time I feel selfish ambition is taking my vision, my crime is my sentence, repentance is taking commission. It’s taking a toll on my soul, I’m screaming submission and I don’t know if I am dying or living.”

“Fall Away” is one of Tyler’s earliest songs detailing his struggle with depression. The song is simplistic in it’s nature, but is still incredibly effective in what it sets out to do.

29. Message Man

Blurryface [2015]
“You don’t know what I’ve done. I’m wanted and on the run.”

Another catchy tune from “Blurryface,” “Message Man” is a clever track with lyrics detailing how a song can be more than meets the eye in it’s intentions.

28. Bandito

Trench [2018]
“I created this world to feel some control. Destroy it if I want.”

This track from “Trench” is a slow, easy going song, and details the album’s “main character” Clancy coming to terms with joining the Banditos.

27. Truce

Vessel [2013]
“Stay alive, stay alive for me. You will die, but now your life is free. Take pride in what is sure to die.”

“Truce” is a beautiful ending to the album. This is the culmination of this album’s entire narrative, the theme of “life goes on”.

26. Not Today

Blurryface [2015]
“Just because I play the piano, doesn’t mean I, I’m not willing to take you down. I’m sorry.”

“Not Today” is an interesting track as the lyrics seem to be a conversation between Tyler and Burryface, a character representing all of his deepest fears and anxieties.

25. Neon Gravestones

Trench [2018]
“Don’t get me wrong, the rise in awareness is beating a stigma that no longer scares us. But for sake of discussion, in spirit of fairness, could we give this some room for a new point of view?”

“Neon Gravestones” acts as an attack on society’s practice of glorifying those who have committed suicide, and romanticising the idea of taking your own life. 

24. Legend

Trench [2018]
“Then the day that it happened, I recorded this last bit. I look forward to having a lunch with you again.”

While the verses tell the story of Tyler’s grandfather and his recent passing, the chorus is upbeat and puts the man on a pedestal, showing how admired he was.

23. Clear

Regional at Best [2011]
“Introspection is the name of this session, spread this infection, reflect it on the next one.”

“Clear” is one of the most dynamic tracks the duo have written, shifting through multiple sections throughout.

22. Trapdoor

Twenty One Pilots [2009]
“Everyone gather around for a show. Watch as this man disappears as we know. Do me a favour and try to ignore, as you watch him fall through a blatant trapdoor.”

As one of the main standout tracks from the band’s first album, “Trapdoor” serves as a theatrical style piece, detailing the loneliness of the protagonist and his battle through depression.

21. Glowing Eyes

Regional at Best [2011]
“I know there’s someone at the door. They called for help, of this I’m sure. But do I want to say goodbye to all the glowing eyes?”

This is an upbeat track with the “Glowing Eyes” representing some form of negativity that the narrator is unable to let go of.

20. Addict With A Pen

Twenty One Pilots [2009]
“I’m just being dramatic, in fact I’m only at it again as an addict with a pen, who’s addicted to the wind as it blows me back and forth. Mindless, spineless, and pretend.”

“Addict With a Pen” is a slow piano driven track that arguably features some of Joseph’s greatest lyrics to date.

19. Ride

Blurryface [2015]
“‘I’d die for you,’ that’s easy to say. We have a list of people that we would take, a bullet for them, a bullet for you, a bullet for everybody in this room. But I don’t seem to see many bullets coming through.”

Another one of the duos more famous tracks, “Ride” is a fun upbeat tune that’s great to play in the car.

18. March to the Sea

Twenty One Pilots [2009]
“And about this time of every year, the line will go to the ocean pier. And walk right off into the sea, and then we fall asleep.”

“March to the Sea” is a fantastical track with the meaning behind the lyrics up for debate. The most likely being, the song is a metaphor for the path from depression to suicide.

17. Migraine

Vessel [2013]
“I begin to assemble what weapons I can find. ‘Cause sometimes to stay alive you gotta kill your mind.”

“AM I ONLY ONE I KNOW!?” this song is a great cut from “Vessel” with an uptempo beat and catchy synths to keep you hooked from the first few seconds.

16. Nico and the Niners

Trench [2018]
“Maybe from all the money we made razorblade stores. Rent a racehorse and force a sponsor.”

One of the first two singles released for “Trench,” “Nico and the Niners” is a unique blend of ukulele, synths and reversed, distorted vocals.

15. Taxi Cab

Twenty One Pilots [2009]
“And then I cracked open my box, someone must have picked the lock. A little light revealed the spot where my fingernails had fought. Then I pushed it open more, pushing up against the door. Then I sat up off the floor and found the breath I was searching for.”

The best track from their self-titled record, “Taxi Cab” is another tune driven by piano, however Tyler’s powerful vocal delivery make it stand out from the rest.

14. Chlorine

Trench [2018]
“Lovin’ what I’m tastin’. Venom on my tongue, dependent at times. Poisonous vibrations, help my body run.”

One of the band’s most ear-wormy tracks, getting us all to sing, “Sipping on straight chlorine!”

13. Ode to Sleep

Vessel [2013]
“But I tell ’em, ‘Why won’t you let me go? Do I threaten all your plans? I’m insignificant.'”

“Ode to Sleep” is a very diverse track that seems like a combination of 5 songs squashed together into one complete tune.

12. Lane Boy

Blurryface [2015]
“If it wasn’t for this music I don’t know how I would have fought this. Regardless, all these songs I’m hearing are so heartless. Don’t trust a perfect person and don’t trust a song that’s flawless.”

This song details Joseph’s struggle with becoming a more “mainstream” artist, and how he wants to prioritise creative tracks over radio hits.

11. Trees

Vessel [2013]
“I can feel your breath, I can feel my death. I want to know you. I want to see, I want to say, Hello.”

Despite being one of the duo’s oldest tracks (written when Joseph was in his teens), “Trees” packs a punch with it’s heavy use of synthesizers and up tempo progression.

10. Cut My Lip

Trench [2018]
“Though I am bruised, face of contusions, know I’ll keep movin’.”

As arguably one of the most underrated tracks on “Trench,” “Cut My Lip” is a fun tune that definitely needs more love.

9. Car Radio

Vessel [2013]
“My pride is no longer inside. It’s on my sleeve, my skin will scream, reminding me of who I killed inside my dream.”

One of the band’s most iconic tracks, “Car Radio” slowly builds from a simple piano led piece to an all out synth heavy blast of joy.

8. Levitate

Trench [2018]
“Sleep in a well-lit room, don’t let the shadow through, and sever all I knew.”

Serving as the band’s only pure rap song to date, “Levitate” definitely grew on me over time and is now one of my favourite tracks to date.

7. Kitchen Sink

Regional at Best [2011]
“Nobody thinks what you think, no one. Empathy might be on the brink of extinction.”

This track features Tyler’s brother, Zack on the track who provides one of the band’s most electrifying verses to date.

6. Hometown

Blurryface [2015]
“I know, I know. You can bring the fire, I can bring the bones. I know, I know. You make the fire, my bones will make it grow.”

Despite being a very underrated track, “Hometown” is by far my favourite track from 2015’s “Blurryface”.

5. My Blood

Trench [2018]
“Stay with me, no, you don’t need to run. Stay with me, my blood.”

A very groovy track featuring more “real” instruments, instead of relying on the electronic equipment that the band have used up to this point.

4. Morph

Trench [2018]
“If I keep moving, they won’t know. I’ll morph to someone else.”

As the track that made me fall in love with “Trench” instantly, “Morph” is a sweet song with great production, and Joseph’s falsettos in the chorus keep bringing me back to the song.

3. Guns For Hands

Vessel [2013]
“That you all have guns and you never put the safety on. And you all have plans, to take it, to take it, don’t take it, take it, take it.”

One of the band’s most creative tracks instrumentally (even featuring a reggae section), “Guns for Hands” is a fantastic song with some deep, remotely political lyrics.

2. Jumpsuit

Trench [2018]
“I can’t believe how much I hate. Pressures of a new place roll my way. Jumpsuit, jumpsuit, cover me.”

The opening track from “Trench” roars to life, with a punchy bass hook and Dun’s hard-hitting kicks. “Jumpsuit” serves as the perfect combination of real instruments and electronic influences.

1. Holding On To You

Vessel [2013]
“You are surrounding, all my surroundings. Twisting the kaleidoscope behind both of my eyes, and I’ll be holding on to you.”

This track has everything you could ever need in a song. Deep, impactful lyrics; a fun, upbeat vibe; diversity; creativity and an amazing music video to boot.

Listen to Twenty One Pilots Here

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    1. I love them too. To be honest I think “Tear In My Heart” is a great song but gets a bit monotonous with repeated listens. I just think after 4 years, I don’t come back to those songs as often as others. I still really love them though.

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